How To Build Up Team

If you following the under-mentioned Tips, you can build up a Team of members very successfully.

1. Getting Started: After getting yourself enrolled with the Society obtain your Membership Code No.

2. List Building: Make a list of all those Prospects, whom you want to invite to join you Team. While making list, do not pre-judge a person. Because we do not know how much a frog will ju, unless we put a stick under him. Do not take decisions on people’s part; Let the people decide for their future. You should also make a second list of Prospects whom you want to invite to invest in the Society.

3. Show the Plan: Invite people from the first list in the next meeting where they can get all the information about the Society and their Career. You can also show the plan on one by one basis, where you meet your Prospect and explain him about the Society, its objective details of investment, Field workers’ Career etc.

4. Follow-up: After the meeting, Please make sure that you fix up the next meeting within 24 to 48 Hrs. Visit the prospect and clear his doubts or queries. While explaining about the Society, career please ensures that only Right and Truthful information’s are given. If you do not know any answer, take the right information from the Society and get back to him.

5. Provide Services: Take regular meeting of your Field workers and motivate them to generate more and more business. Keep close association with your Team members and help them in succeeding. If you pay nothing get nothing. Keep in Touch with your customers for new investments and Renewals of the existing investments.

Eligibility To Become a Field Worker

1. Indian National and Resident of India.
2. Who can Read and write English or Regional Language.
3. Should not be convicted by any court of law or is not insolvent.