General Terms & Conditions Of Agency Agreement

1. Any membership promoter who is already having an code in his/her or in the name of any of his/her close relation applied for another code in blood relation or friends circle within the unit or in any other unit with an intention to deprive his/her immediate senior (introducer) or unit superiors from the benefits (i.e. ORC or any other incentives if any declared by the Society from time to time) Shall be deemed to be holding a second code.

Whether the new code taken by the membership promoter is his/her real code or second code depends upon his/her intention which is to be inferred from the prevalent circumstances, documentary evidence and is to be determined by the authorized official of the Society.

In case it is proved that a membership promoter who is already having a code in his/her relation or near & dear gets another code with an intention to defraud, then his/her introducer’s code shall be cancelled and all benefits. I.e. ORC incentive etc. shall be forfeited. However, discretion of the Society shall be final.

2. On appointment you will be a membership worker of the Society. In no way, whatsoever, this agreement can be treated as employment with the society. This agreement can be terminated by either side without giving any notice and without assigning any reason.

3. The Agency shall stand automatically terminated if the member acts against society and its activities.

4.The remuneration i.e. spot booking expenses, prizes and incentives, as applicable from time to time, includes all your expenses, such as Traveling, Postage, Stationery, entertainment etc. No separate allowance/reimbursement is payable to you for any such expenses.

5. No Incentive/Prizes, whatsoever, shall be applicable on Gap in the designation. Incentives/Prizes as declared by the society from time to time shall be applicable only on the highest Rank held by a membership promoter.

6. The discretion in the matter of appointment, promotion, retention or dispensing with the services of any member of field force under you will rest entirely with the society and decision of the Management shall be final and binding upon you.

7.The society shall have the first lien cover your booking exp. Benefits or other dues for your indebtedness or indebtedness of any your sub-workers. The society shall have authority to apply and appropriate your dues directly towards the liquidation of such debts.

8. You shall not pledge the credit of the society or shall enter into any contract of any kind for and on behalf of the society unless a specific written permission to that effect is obtained from the Competent Authority. You shall maintain full secrecy about the business and the affairs of society.

9. You shall not collect or receive any money from any customer or otherwise unless specifically authorized by the competent authority in writing. If you receive any money directly from anybody on his account, you shall be doing MP at your own risk and responsibility without any liability on the part of the society. The society shall not be responsible for any receipt unless otherwise an official receipt is being issued in acknowledgment thereof.

10. The book of account of the society shall be conclusive evidence of the state of dealings and accounts between you and the society. All accounts are to be rendered at the Corporate Office and all disputes, if any, shall be subject to Chennai Jurisdiction only.

11. You shall comply with the circulars, instructions(s) and orders issued by the society from time to time. In case of a difference in the interpretation of the clause(s) of this appointment or in any other matter the decision of the society shall be final and binding.

12. You will on probation for a period of six months from the date of your appointment during which period at least half of your guaranteed annual subscription collection must be placed by you through your agents in order to justify continuation of this appointment. Your arrangement with the society is purely linked with your performance.

13. You will see that the work of the existing agents and field officers of the society in your Area is not disturbed in any way by you or you’re under member(s).

14. The appointment shall automatically cease in case of fraud, dishonesty, misappropriation, misconduct and you shall also forfeit all claims against the society without prejudice to the society’s legal rights. This appointment shall also be terminated automatically, if you fail to place at least 5% (five percent) of your current promotion targets as fixed by the society.

15. That your promotion to the next higher rank will be considered after expiry to the financial year or on fulfillment of the yearly targets.

16. Retirement Benefits:
A membership promoter, who completes his promotion quota every year up to 10 years and reaches to the Top Rank CE (D) quota 1 crore /year will be entitled for Retirement Benefits as under :
    - Monthly Ex-gratia = Rs.10,000/-
    - On Account of Car = Rs.2.00 Lacks
   (One Time)
    - Free Medical Facility = Premium Amount for Medi-Claim

17. In case of death of a Field Staff above the Rank of Zonal group member, one Person of his family (Blood Relations) will get job in the society according to his qualifications, provided he has completed one year with the society and has achieved his current year’s promotion quota on Pro-rata basis.
18.(a) In case of death of the any field senior staff 50% of booking Exp. benefits will go to his/her immediate senor and 50% to the nominee of the deceased for the whole life time provided his/her team is active in the field. (b) The benefits of accidental death compensation will be provided to either agency holder or actual worker.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all existing and new membership promoters.